Cisco MST 802.1s

All Cisco switches by default have PVST+ as their spanning-tree protocol (mode). PVST+ is Cisco proprietary and, in my humble opinion, should never be used in a production environment. The alternatives are: RPVST and MST. In a basic 1-3 VLAN network with little to no knowledge of spanning-tree you should run RPVST (802.1w) and be done with it. However, if you have a lot of VLANs and/or you need to ensure you’re not over utilizing the CPU resources, you should use MST (802.1s).

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Find CDP traffic on your Linux box

You can use tcpdump or wireshark but if you have a Linux box handy you can install: cdpr. It makes life easy like this:

cdpr -v

Just follow the prompts for selecting the interface and wait for the cdp transmission to come through. Understand that some values, like Native VLAN, are in hexidecimal and you’ll need to convert it to decimal. Otherwise, happy hunting.