HP Wireless Autonomous to Controller mode

The transition from Autonomous mode to Controller mode is extremely easy with the HP wireless APs. I will outline everything here

In this method we will set the APs IP address statically so have your IP schema ready and decide what AP gets what IP address; however, if the IP address assigned to the autonomous AP is already the IP address you want then you’re set.
Log into the AP:

Maintenance – System – Provision for Controller Mode:

  • Check “Connectivity” at the top left
  • Ensure that “Port 1” is checked under Interfaces
  • Select “Static IP” Fill in your IP Information Leave all the other information default
  • Click “Save”

Maintenance – Systems – Provision for Controller Mode – Discovery:

  • Check “Discovery” on the top left
  • Check “Discover using IP Address”
  • Add the IP of the controllers LAN “Bridge” Port
  • Select “Add”
  • Click “Save”

From here you need to reboot the AP and there is an option on the left that lets you do that and then it will contact the controller and begin the establishment. If the Controller has never seen this AP before you may have to “Accept” it as it may show up as a “suspicious device”. It will reboot at least once before the AP is synchronized.